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Rockwell Automation demonstrates the benefits of integrated architecture

at the annual automation Expo held in Chicago, Rockwell Automation is deeply committed to helping end users and original equipment suppliers achieve more perfect integration, so as to maximize the information sharing between processing vehicles and the whole enterprise. Unlike many control and information solutions based on loose integration technology, Rockwell Automation integration architecture TM uses system processing to help reduce integration costs and improve the intelligence and flexibility of production, so as to help end users make better and faster business decisions

"through the functions and values of the individual technologies that make up the integrated structure - including control, networking, visualization and information - perfect systems can help manufacturers increase plant performance at an exponential level and reduce the total cost of designing, installing, operating and maintaining equipment," said kendeken, vice president of Rockwell Automation logix/netlinx. "Rockwell Automation integration structure can help users skillfully gain many advantages, such as establishing shared database, label based memory, panel program library, single communication protocol and open environment, so as to help users improve production."

FLSmidthInc. As a cement production equipment supplier, Rockwell Automation has adopted the network control solution provided by Rockwell Automation to enhance the communication and diagnostic functions of the docksider barge unloading system. By going deep into the lithium battery industry, Yongxing Special Steel subsidiary plans to invest in the lithium battery new energy material project to improve the function, FLSmidth and its customers can not spend a few hours to identify the fault point, and also reduce the potential fault downtime. In addition, the ControlLogix programmable automation controller (p the National Technical Supervision Organization and various industrial departments have also formulated a series of verification regulations AC for environmental experimental equipment and testing instruments) enables FLSmidth customers to store diagnostic data and serve as trend information, so as to carry out predictive maintenance during equipment operation

automation Expo is the most important exhibition in the automation industry, gathering the most advanced automation products, integrated control and information architecture, value-added services and solutions. In this Expo, Rockwell Automation provided an integrated architecture booth, numbered 339, to show visitors the latest scientific and technological achievements, including:


allen bradleycompactlogixl2x - this is an extension of the cost-effective ControlLogix programmable automation controller (PAC) products. The latest compactlogixl2x series is available in multiple versions, with built-in discrete and analog i/o, high-speed counters, RS-232 and Ethernet ports. This series is more flexible in expanding i/o for the system. It adopts the general 1769i/o and can support up to 96. Compactlogixl2x series can be competent for many application projects that traditionally require larger and more expensive controllers, and provide equipment suppliers with the functional features and communication advantages of an integrated structure at a lower price

allen-bradleycompactlogixl45---allen-bradleycompactlogixl45 controller has a wider range of scalability and integrated motion control functions under the Logix control platform. The maximum number of controllable motion axes is 8. L45 is an ideal choice for the original equipment supplier, because the programmable automation controller supports multiple cards, including equipment, control and ethernet/ip, so as to achieve seamless interaction. With the least equipment, the information flow in the entire enterprise business system can be realized

allen bradleycompactlogixl32e l35e: the controllers of these two series have reached the classification certification standards and can meet the special operation requirements related to automation equipment in these environments. These two series of controllers are tested under high humidity, high temperature, low temperature, vibration and electromagnetic environment. Each controller shall undergo special detection to ensure that the transmitted radio frequency does not exceed the classification industry standard, so as not to affect the normal operation of the ship's electronic equipment. Ship manufacturers and other manufacturers related to the marine environment can now choose to have these two highly scalable and trusted high-performance control systems

rockwellsoftwarerslogix5000 programming software: new version - the latest version of rslogix5000 software includes improvements to more than 30 products, which can help users simplify the programming and configuration process, and make it easier to maintain control and information equipment and troubleshoot. The core features of the product include: using user-defined instructions to achieve standardization and code reuse; Integrated drive configuration enables faster installation and easier maintenance of the drive system; Fuzzydesigner fuzzy control design tool helps users create advanced control strategies for Logix process controllers; Kinematics controls the delta type robot to realize geometric motion, so as to reduce the cost of integrated system and control system, and provide general hardware and software structure for packaging application projects; Alarm commands help to simplify the programming process, reduce bandwidth occupancy, and increase the accuracy of time tags. Most importantly, they can be integrated with a full set of upper monitoring and alarm management systems with monitoring and recording functions provided by the new factorytalkviewse to clean the dust and sundries in the electrical box

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