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The development of robot industry in China needs to solve the problem of talents.

with the development of society, China's demographic dividend is gradually decreasing, which has led to the emergence of industrial robots and their rapid development at an amazing speed. Dongguan, a city with a great demand for labor, is bound to have a huge demand for robots

it is reported that since 2013, the continuous exploration of Dongguan related enterprises and research institutions in the field of industrial robots has been regarded as the beginning of the automation and intelligent revolution in Dongguan's manufacturing industry. In this context, how can Dongguan further promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry with the help of industrial robots? What are the problems facing the popularization and application of industrial robots in Dongguan? This article will tell you in detail

Dongguan has a huge demand for industrial robots

in the past decade, domestic industrial automation has developed rapidly. In this process, it has greatly driven the growth of industrial robot market demand

in Dongguan, due to the high concentration of industrial manufacturing industry, the industrial robot market is also favored by many people in the industry. Since 2008, although the development of Dongguan's manufacturing industry has encountered great resistance, it has correspondingly provided a huge space for the development of industrial automation. In the past two years, transformation and upgrading have been in full swing. In this process, a good environment has been created for the development of industrial automation and intelligence. According to the observation, the blast furnace and reverberatory furnace can not operate at the same time due to their limited capacity. After several years of scouring the sand, most enterprises in Dongguan attach great importance to automation and have strong strength. Small factories often do not automate, while larger and more long-term enterprises will improve their competitiveness through automation faster, although they will bear a large amount of cost investment in the short term. Therefore, most enterprises in Dongguan are potential customers of automation equipment enterprises

in the wave of automation, industrial robots are the most concerned part. Different from ordinary automation equipment, the error produced by industrial machines is gradually smaller. People can be integrated and applied to different production fields, while ordinary automation equipment can only be applied to the production of one or similar products. Many enterprises have different production needs at different stages of development, and industrial robot integration is more flexible, which can meet the development needs of enterprises at each stage and avoid multiple investment

there is a huge gap in application talents

although the market prospect is promising, the development of industrial robots in Dongguan is not flat. Whether in Dongguan or the whole country, the biggest problem at present is the lack of application talents

it is understood that after an enterprise buys an industrial robot, it needs to turn a standard robot into an application robot. It needs to combine the industrial robot body, robot control software, robot application software and robot peripheral equipment into a system before it can be applied to actual production. However, due to the high technical requirements and emerging fields, this process and specific operation are in short supply of professionals at present. Although many universities in China have automation related majors, very few have industrial robot integrated application majors. This has resulted in a huge gap of industrial robot application talents nationwide. If this gap is not filled, it will be difficult for industrial robots to be popularized further

therefore, enterprises in Dongguan have personal experience of the shortage of industrial robot application talents. There are few suitable people in a year. On the other hand, the integration and application modes of industrial robots of different brands are different, so qualified application talents must have the support of theory and be able to integrate and operate various industrial robots independently through a certain period of practice. With sufficient professionals, we can open a breakthrough in promoting the adjustment of industrial structure of traditional raw materials, transformation and upgrading, and further accelerate the popularization of industrial robots in major traditional manufacturing fields

the current situation of talent shortage cannot be solved quickly in a short time. Dongguan enterprises should carry out school enterprise alliance to quickly cultivate, transport and reserve talents for the industry

in fact, some companies in Dongguan have planned to cooperate with relevant universities to set up industrial robot related majors, and move the internal training of enterprises to the academic community. Colleges and universities will undertake the function of theoretical training, while enterprises are responsible for providing a platform for practice. Combining the advantages of both sides, talent training can get twice the result with half the effort

in addition, with the continuous progress of technology, the intelligent degree of industrial robots will be higher and higher in the future, and the training of talents also needs to keep pace with the times and adapt to the changing technical needs

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