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Jack Smith: meet the challenges of the Chinese market

Shanghai, January 2017 - at present, Chinese industry is still facing a series of serious problems, such as the continuous slowdown of macroeconomic growth, the increasingly strict market access of foreign enterprises, and the gradual weakening of cost advantages compared with other emerging markets. In this situation, the foundry industry has not been spared and faces many challenges, the most serious of which is the counterfeiting and shoddy of furnace products and the increasingly rampant infringement of intellectual property rights in the field of industrial services. Affected by this, the competition in the industry has intensified and the profit space has been further compressed. Despite this, jacksy still faced the difficulties and overcome the difficulties by timely adjusting market strategies, achieving a sales growth of more than 300% in the past four years

jacksy: meet the challenges of the Chinese market

jacksy: meet the challenges of the Chinese market

jacksy: meet the challenges of the Chinese market

we are committed to innovation and quality

as a global leading industrial furnace supplier with a history of more than 60 years, jacksy has established its leading position in the foundry industry with rich manufacturing experience and industry knowledge, and has become the representative of industry standards. In the future, by focusing on R & D and providing environmental protection systems and solutions, further meeting customers' needs for quality and production efficiency, and providing customers with reliable products and services, SJX will continue to consolidate its industry leadership and standard position

nowadays, there are more and more bad furnace manufacturers in the market. They are still lack of experience and technology, but claim that their melting furnace and quantitative furnace can be comparable with the products of jacksy without grading the whole process of experimental force and deformation measurement. Their emergence has intensified market competition and led some existing and potential Chinese consumers into misunderstandings. In view of this situation, Rainer ERD, general manager of SJX West Asia, said that the performance of graphene based heat dissipation materials was more than twice that of existing products. "As far as I know, those customers who bought inferior imitations regretted their choice. Because of the equipment, the energy consumption of those foundries increased by 30%, and the material utilization rate was significantly reduced, so their competitiveness in product quality and overall price was greatly damaged."

erdmann added: "Furnaces are high-tech industrial machines. Taking the automotive industry as an example, those imitators who produce cheap products simply cannot meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements of this industry. In fact, the newly-built foundry has shown great interest in the products of SJX, because it ensures the lowest metal burning rate, the longest equipment life, and the least carbon emissions for our products in the industry. These can help manufacturing Business to achieve a higher level of profitability. "

despite the impact of a large number of inferior products from non-performing manufacturers and the weak overall economic trend, which can give full play to the technological research and development advantages of Li Xinhai and his team, shijiexi still reaped an unprecedented new customer base on the basis of successfully consolidating its original customers. Erdmann said, "one of our customers is very upset recently because of bad manufacturers. They bought inferior imitations, so they suffered a great loss in competitiveness. In this case, we never abandon our customers, and therefore we are pleased to receive a new furnace order."

well known brands and industry leaders

the success of jacksy has something to do with its carefully built brand awareness and customer loyalty in the industry, which is due to its high-quality, environmentally friendly melting pot products. In addition, its global customers can also enjoy the replacement of original parts and timely, efficient and well received after-sales service. The jacksy furnace is the most environmentally friendly furnace on the market today. Through energy-saving innovation, we reduce the energy consumption and raw material consumption of products, and improve the utilization rate and overall working performance of products, so as to help customers create more profits

the unique advantage of jacksy purefficiency series furnaces lies in their excellent performance far beyond the requirements of industry standards. The cost per ton of aluminum ingot is 13000 yuan. If a foundry produces 10000 tons of aluminum alloy castings every year, it can save 5.2 million yuan and 1.6 million yuan in metal burning loss and energy consumption, respectively, a total of 6.8 million yuan, which is equivalent to the value of a furnace. In addition, the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by the foundry through the furnace are equivalent to the emissions of 900 cars

customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit

in order to establish and maintain the position of industry leader, jacksea also provides customers with 24-hour comprehensive services, including:

Product replacement, maintenance and preventive maintenance

furnace modernization upgrading

quantitative furnace modernization upgrading

operation training

jacksea provides customers with efficient Timely logistics services. Customers all over the world can enjoy the service of parts replacement within the service life of the product. All spare parts are original, designed to provide safety protection for consumers and quality and maintenance guarantee for original equipment manufacturers

erdmann concluded, "the relationship between jacksy and customers will never end with the end of system delivery and commissioning. We will use our expertise to provide satisfactory services to customers around the world anytime, anywhere." (this article comes from Jack West)

about Jack West:

Jack West is a global manufacturer that provides heat processing technology for the light metal casting industry, and provides energy-saving solutions for die casting, gravity casting, sand mold casting and low-pressure casting. More than 60 years of experience has laid the foundation for our rich professional knowledge and industry knowledge, and also enabled us to have a good understanding of customers' needs and manufacturing processes. Therefore, we can integrate our system into various production processes in the best way

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