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Jabra sport pulse: real time heart rate monitoring makes your running speed more reasonable

Rio de Janeiro Olympic schedule is over half, and the fight on the track and field has begun. In the women's 10000 meter race, Ayana of Ethiopia broke the actual record set by Wang Junxia of the Oriental deer in 1993 with a score of 291745; In the men's 400 meters, South Africa's Fanny Keck won the championship in 43.03 seconds, breaking the 17 year world record; In the 100 meter flying man battle, bolt won the gold medal in 9.81 seconds, achieving three consecutive Olympic 100 meter epic titles. Although Chinese boys Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye did not reach the finals, they successfully reached the semi-finals, breaking the record of Chinese sprint

running, with simple movements, can better reflect the potential of the human body by relying on one's own body, so it has always been valued by people. On the field, the athletes made every effort to reflect the faster limit of the Olympic Games, and the world records that have been broken frequently are even more exciting. This will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry. In our daily life, running is also a very effective way of exercise, which is loved by many people

however, running is not just about moving your legs at will, nor is the faster the speed, the better the effect. Scientific running should have a reasonable pace, so as to make our running more effective and make us healthier. Jabra sport pulse wireless intelligent sports headset, with real-time heart rate monitoring function, can help you better pace, so as to achieve fitness or weight loss as soon as possible

running day after day can not only improve our running speed, reflect our running ability, but also improve our cardiopulmonary function. However, we must not regard speed as the goal of running. Blindly pursuing speed will have serious adverse consequences. The change of speed will directly affect the change of heart rate and cause the body's reaction. Jabra sport pulse jabulan pachi wireless intelligent headset has the function of real-time heart rate monitoring based on the photoelectric detection principle. When you wear it for running, you can check your heart rate at any time to increase or decrease your speed appropriately. Once your heart rate is abnormal, you can immediately adjust the rhythm to effectively prevent heart rate abnormalities and control your running on the basis of ensuring your health

if we want to improve the running speed, we should match the speed according to the actual situation of our physical function, so that we can better implement and realize the speed increase plan. Jabra sport pulse jabulan Bocci wireless, combined with Jabra sport life app, can help you make a reasonable speed-up running plan. On the basis of understanding your physical condition, you can set the exercise heart rate range, and the headset will give you professional guidance during running. Even some people know that there is a technology guide such as 3D printing after seeing this exhibition. Once the heart rate exceeds or falls below this range due to too fast or too slow speed, it will remind you in time, and you can adjust it in time

a reasonable pace according to the heart rate can more effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function and the ability of muscles, ligaments and supporting organs, while ensuring that you are not easy to be injured. Jabra sport pulse Jebel Blanc wireless headphones help you pace scientifically and make running more efficient

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