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Jaguar Land Rover turns to vehicle electrification project vector pure electric vehicle recently, the National Automotive Innovation Center (NAIC) officially unveiled project vector, a new concept model of Jaguar Land Rover. This concept car is a pure electric vehicle that has been involved in a wide range of industries. It combines high-tech technologies such as networking and automation. It is an important symbol of Jaguar Land Rover on the road of vehicle electrification, and also represents the transformation of Jaguar Land Rover in the future urban travel. At present, Jaguar Land Rover plans to cooperate with the blue joint authority of Missy and the Coventry City Council. The project vector concept car is first planned to be tested on the actual road in Coventry in 2021

project vector is a concept car with a shape similar to a rectangular capsule. The door is opened by sliding to the left and right sides. The 4-meter-long body is exquisite and flexible in design. It is a pure electric vehicle specially designed to solve the problem of urban travel with good overall performance in the future. The battery and transmission system components of the car are laid flat under the car floor, so it is not necessary to reduce the cost and take up no space in the car. It is reported that the project vector concept model can also realize driverless function and produce products that are more in line with market demand. It can not only be used for private riding and shared travel, but also suitable for business scenarios such as "last mile delivery"

Prof Sir Ralf Speth, Global CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said in his appearance speech: "The project vector concept model represents Jaguar Land Rover's courage and innovation to move into unknown areas. Jaguar Land Rover has a deep understanding of the needs of modern society for travel. The research and development of the project vector concept model also proves Jaguar Land Rover's continuous pursuit of innovation and provides a safer, healthier and green environment for modern society."

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