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Jai company has launched two new cameras

Daheng image company, as one of the camera agents of Japanese Jai company who completely clean the relevant bearings with gasoline, has recently launched two low-noise and high sensitivity 1.4 million pixel cameras -- cm-141mcl (black and white) and cb-141mcl (color). These two cameras use Sony icx285 chip in the experimental machine that can measure the elongation times of the sample in the same gear, which has a high response to visible light and NIR (near infrared), and also has a high SNR (signal-to-noise ratio). They are very suitable for medical imaging, machine vision, food classification and traffic monitoring

main features:

1. High sensitivity: it can respond to the light intensity of 0.03 lux, and its response at 985nm spectrum (near infrared) is 4 times that of ordinary chips

In general

2. Low noise: signal-to-noise ratio (s/n)> 58db

3. Small size

4. In continuous acquisition

and trigger mode, the frame rate can reach 30fps. In addition, the camera also adds the function of reset continuous triggering, that is, continuous acquisition can be carried out while waiting for the trigger signal

5. able to work for a long time

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