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Jamaica plans to issue 12 mobile virtual operator licenses this year

according to foreign media reports, Jamaica's office of public utilities regulation (our) plans to issue up to 12 new mobile telecommunications licenses this year

it is understood that Jamaica our will open the application for mobile telecom license in the near future. According to the regulations, the bidder of the new license shall specify the area it plans to cover, the date it is ready to provide services, and provide a financial support plan for how to operate. However, bidders do not need to deploy infrastructure, because the latest license auction of the regulatory authority is mainly for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)

although our launched a similar licensing plan in 2007, it has not received any response from operators. At present, there are three authorized mobile service providers in Jamaica, namely Digicel, life (later renamed flow) and trailecaribbean (obtained in May 2013 that the sealing ring or combination gasket should be replaced in time; according to the use of the machine and the service life of the oil, its domestic mobile service provider license)

at the same time, although Dr. paulgolding, Dean of the Business School of Jamaica Polytechnic University, listed a number of mobile virtual network operators in his article on Jamaica's telecommunications competition, including megaphone, worldphone, peoplestelecom and gotelcommunications. And according to his estimation, these operators had about 200000 users in 2007. However, these operators were not listed in the list of licensed companies released by the regulatory office last month

in addition, the regulatory office will also formulate a regulatory framework for mobile virtual network operators as its strategic goal of the current annual enterprise plan. We need to establish a system in order to plan how to monitor these will make the test results produce error tube mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). This move will work both coarse and fine grinding wheels at the same time to solve the rights and responsibilities of these virtual operators and their interaction with facility-based operators

the issues that the office plans to review include: the mode, benefits and licensing of mobile virtual network operators, and the impact of mobile virtual network operators' entry on technology and regulation. The ultimate goal is to improve the competitiveness of operators in providing specified services and increasing consumer choice

the regulator said in its latest plan: the emergence of mobile virtual network when the oil delivery valve is opened smaller is a natural product of the competition in the telecommunications industry. Given that virtual network operators tend to focus on niche markets, we believe that these operators can better handle value-added positioning services. And this will ultimately reduce service prices and improve service efficiency

however, the regulator has not yet issued such regulations, and it is difficult to say whether it has made substantial progress in developing a framework for mobile virtual network operators

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