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Jabra biz 2400 ii: the secret of more efficient call center communication

beautiful voice, in place answers, smooth communication, like spring breeze and rain, implant the charm of the enterprise into the hearts of users. This is the right way to open customer service

however, the noise in the call center, the human voice, the pressure caused by long-time calls, and so on, make the communication efficiency limited, which makes it very stressful to achieve this goal. In the face of such difficulties, how can the enterprise call center improve its combat effectiveness and make itself invincible in the face of all difficulties

only a awesome office headset is needed. The development of technology and products in China's experimental machine industry can basically meet the needs of the domestic market

jabra biz 2400 II headset can help you easily solve all kinds of pain points in call center calls, shorten the distance between you and customers, and make work more efficient and easier. It is an excellent assistant for the efficient operation of call center worthy of the name

extreme audio makes the call clearer

jabra biz 2400 ii

adopts enhanced speakers and noise reduction microphones, integrates air shock wave filtering function, and eliminates the noise caused by spraying wheat

peakstop peak termination technology to ensure that the high volume is intercepted and reduce the surrounding environmental noise

crystal clear sound, without repeated confirmation, summarizes and implements the construction experience of the first batch of 12 industrial resources comprehensive utilization bases, Let customers fall in love with your voice of the experimental machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for many years, and let your voice become a more beautiful window of the enterprise

enjoy the power of communication and show the beautiful image of the enterprise

carefully designed to make work easier

jabra biz 2400 ii

it adopts a lightweight frame that conforms to ergonomic principles, as well as leather ear pads and additional earphone pads, so that the top of the head can avoid the pressure of steel or plastic bands

increase the super soft leather ear pads by 20%, and also effectively remove high-frequency noise and protect your hearing

adjustable headband and Jabra freespin boom, so that you can adjust at will, More comfortable to wear

no pressure on your ears, easier to work, and let you enjoy your work

high quality workmanship, more economical and more durable

jabra biz 2400 ii

the structure corresponding to the single arm type is the portal structure. Kevlar reinforced flexible cable can reduce fracture and headset failure

the rotating boom can be adjusted 360 degrees freely, without fear of breaking, more durable

has a 3-year warranty period, and the later service is more intimate

comfortable to use, lower cost, and is the first choice of enterprise headset

in addition, It can also ensure the connection to any fixed line and UC traffic system by providing the quick disconnect function and QD and USB versions, so as to make the call more focused

better communication experience, better working experience and more economical cost. Jabra biz 2400 II makes the call center more efficient and the corporate image better

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