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Yuchai Yanping's New Year message: play the theme of reaching world-class in the new era

Yuchai Yanping's New Year message: play the theme of reaching world-class in the new era

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time flows, extraordinary and glory are engraved on the rings, with dreams and fighting spirit, facing the first ray of sunshine in 2018, we enter a new era of transformation and reaching world-class enterprises

Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group company

in the past year, the world economy has shown a warming trend. China has maintained growth resilience and strong reform momentum, and has become the "power source" and "ballast stone" of the world economy. However, we are also facing great pressure from the weak foundation of economic recovery, the strengthening of systemic financial risks, the increase of unstable factors such as "black swan" and "grey rhinoceros". In this situation, we have maintained our strategic focus, built a solid foundation for safe development, focused on the improvement of business quality and efficiency, and the performance of the whole group has rebounded significantly. Our development has shown a new trend of steady progress and good progress, accumulating new momentum of development that is more than scratch the middle of the pot

looking back on 2017, we firmly grasp the strategic opportunity of the Second Entrepreneurship of Guangxi machinery industry, take reform and innovation as the core, focus on the optimization of industrial structure, and take system reengineering as the starting point, launch the second entrepreneurship battle, forge ahead bravely in the deep-water reform area, and further improve the high-quality development ability; We will promote the mixed reform of Yuchai and usher in a new era of reform of Yuchai's system and mechanism; Yuchai logistics and Yuchai power were successfully listed on the new third board, and financial leasing developed steadily, enhancing capital vitality and competitiveness; Through benchmarking with the international market, joint venture construction of high-end production capacity, layout of European R & D centers, and promotion of high-end R & D cooperation, we have made great strides forward in internationalization; The expansion of Yuchai new energy industry has achieved initial results. Guiping photovoltaic phase I project has been completed and put into operation, and 100 new energy vehicles have been delivered to customers

Guiping photovoltaic phase I project was completed and put into operation

looking back on 2017, we are committed to the improvement of operating efficiency and quality, the continuous release of the reinvention dividend of Yuchai share system, the comprehensive construction of the whole staff innovation and efficiency creation mechanism, the birth of new drivers of development, the new record high operating efficiency, and the continuous optimization of income structure; The construction of YCPS, ycos and ycds has been steadily promoted; United power has developed rapidly and doubled its performance; Yuchai Peisi has made great achievements in expanding the market; Jining Yuchai production started in an all-round way and regained its vitality; Huayuan company develops efficiently and stably; The performance of logistics auto trade has increased significantly, and its vitality has increased; Yuchaima petroleum lubricant terminal expansion has achieved remarkable results

looking back at 2017, we focused on product and technological innovation, and the morale of ship electric power was like a rainbow. Large ship electric products were in short supply and entered the mainstream of the industry; 6K power has accumulated a lot, highlighting the market's emphasis on advanced digital cutting equipment, fully automatic manufacturing technology, industrial robots, etc; Tractor power is heroic and dry, rewriting the market pattern; Light power successfully competed in the field of high-end passenger vehicles; The overseas market continued to write Huazhang, and the export of bus power exceeded the 10000 mark. Technological innovation has created miracles repeatedly, and all new products of the national six are in place, continuing to lead the industry; Overall layout of T4 engine; Yc20vc high-speed diesel engine successfully ignited, and its core competitiveness was further improved

yc20vc high-speed diesel engine successfully ignited

looking back at 2017, we vigorously promote disruptive system reform, reward reform and innovation, and share reform dividends; We must pay full attention to these issues, raise the strategic height of talent construction, issue a team building program, and promote a large number of outstanding, international and young cadres; We temper the style of cadres, build a learning team, and make talents become the core driving force of development; We respond to employees' concerns, formulate and complete a happiness list, and strive to improve employees' sense of gain; Create the party building brand of "three fusions and three promotion pioneers" and create a benchmark for Party building in state-owned enterprises; The Yuchai charter was issued to upgrade the corporate culture

the issuance of the Yuchai charter

2017 is a year of year when things are abundant and successful, and it is also a year when Yuchai's feet are moving fast and steadily to deepen its second entrepreneurship. In 2018, the flame of our dream was ignited again. We ushered in the new mission of mixed ownership reform, welcoming the six Warring States periods, building a world-class enterprise, and winning the second entrepreneurship. We entered a new era of great change, transformation, and development

in the new era, if we want to achieve sustained, stable, healthy and efficient development, realize the four historical missions, and win new victories and glories, we need to adhere to and carry forward our excellent talents: adhere to reform and innovation, adhere to ideals and beliefs, adhere to responsibility, and adhere to win-win and sharing

in the new era, we should adhere to reform and innovation. With the help of the introduction of expert teams, the top-level design of Yuchai innovation has been basically complete, but the innovation has no end. We should deepen the innovation of system and mechanism, build a diversified equity structure, improve the allocation and operation efficiency of state-owned capital, constantly improve the core competitiveness, and speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; We should create an innovation platform, build an institutional environment and incentive mechanism conducive to innovation, plant innovation soil, form an innovation link mechanism to improve fuel efficiency, empower every innovative employee, and deeply integrate innovation with management, talents, systems, resources, etc., so that innovation becomes the first driving force for the development of Yuchai

in the new era, we should adhere to our ideals and beliefs. After the throes of transformation from 2013 to 2016, we hit the bottom and rebounded in 2017. Standing in a new direction of development, we firmly believe that Yuchai will win a great victory in the second venture; Firmly believe that Yuchai will be able to win the national six times; We firmly believe that Yuchai will catch up with and surpass world-class enterprises. The four-year process of Second Entrepreneurship tells us that this is a strategic choice for Yuchai to keep its foundation green and maintain its vitality, and a life and death battle for Yuchai to move towards high-end and realize transformation. We cannot give up our dreams because of the difficulty of change, and we cannot stop moving forward because of the fear of making mistakes. In this great journey, we should keep our mission in mind, turn innovative proposals into real knowledge and practice, subvert ourselves with innovative thinking, guide practice with innovative measures, and create value with innovative methods

in the new era, we should adhere to our responsibilities. We should build a multi-level innovative talent team and introduce leading talents with international vision and ability; We should have the ambition to build Yuchai into a world-class enterprise, forge ahead with a sense of ownership, strengthen benchmarking learning, and systematically plan reform; We should quickly change our ideas, boldly raise problems and effectively solve them, so as to create a new pattern of Yuchai's international development; We should adopt a realistic attitude, build a scientific system, strengthen the authority of systems and processes, improve the standardization of management, and continue to optimize the corporate governance system

in the new era, we should adhere to win-win and sharing. We should establish a collaborative mechanism, realize the complementary advantages of the group's resources, promote the collaborative interconnection between the upper and lower levels of the group, internal and external industries, and realize the system communication, mechanism connection, information flow and personnel connection within the group; We should establish a sharing mechanism, establish a community of interests and a community of shared future among relevant parties, and share the dividends of development; We should strengthen strategic communication, avoid internal homogeneous competition, and build a benign industrial chain ecological pattern

time goes on and changes continue. Let's polish our dreams, be determined and do it, and become world-class in the new era

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