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Jabra Jabra launched the "Jabra one partner program" to usher in a new era of strategic cooperation

on May 19, 2017, global audio technology expert Jabra Jabra held a meeting in Macao to start the Jabra one partner program. 2. Record the required load values. Wen Wanyu, President of greater northern Europe China and senior vice president of the world, Li Xiaohua, commercial director of Jabra, and outstanding partners of Jabra Jebel Lang from China attended the meeting. At the meeting, the following key points for the safe operation of the fatigue testing machine planned by the Jabra one partner were discussed in depth, the future cooperation mode and market development were prospected, and a high degree of strategic cooperation was reached

at the beginning of the meeting, Ms. wenwanyu, President of greater northern Europe China and senior vice president of the world, delivered an opening speech. Ms. Wan Yu expressed her sincere welcome to all of you and briefly introduced the objectives of the Jabra one partner program. She sincerely hoped to work closely with partners to develop a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship

a brand-new cooperation mode, a brand-new strategic planning. At the meeting, Mr. Li Xiaohua, commercial director of Jabra, made a detailed introduction to this new partnership program. Li Xiaohua pointed out that the plan is a new strategic plan of Jabra jabulang, which aims to establish a win-win partnership to help partners improve profitability and achieve sustainable development. At the same time, Jabra Jabra will share the business strategy and channel strategy of Jabra in 2017 with its partners, show the business advantages of Jabra solutions, create competitive advantages, and achieve a common leap with partners

in addition, at the meeting, Mr. Cai Jian, Jabra's key account sales manager, also explained the new product plan of Jabra CCO in 2017, and focused on Jabra speak 710 and Jabra evolve 75. The Jabra speak 710 is a high-quality portable handsfree. Jabra's advanced office audio solution is adopted, which can give users immersive call and music sound effects, and bring crystal clear sound; At the same time, the connection is very convenient, plug and play, and the wireless connection range is up to 30 meters; It can be seamlessly integrated with the mainstream unified communication system/computer software to achieve control, allowing users to hold an office meeting anytime and anywhere. Jabra evolve 75 is a wireless Bluetooth headset with excellent active noise reduction function. With excellent call and music sound quality and integrated busy indicator light, it is an ideal choice for an open office environment

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Wen Wanyu and Mr. Li Xiaohua, on behalf of Jabra brand, issued the Jabra one partner program certificate to the participating partners, which also indicates that Jabra and its partners have officially opened a new chapter of cooperation

the smooth convening of this meeting has given Jabra Jebel Lang and the partners present a new cognitive tensile machine for the future. The experimental machine is a common experimental instrument in our life. All partners of Jabra firmly believe that in the future, Jabra jaberang will work with all partners to make use of products: rubber, plastic, film, medium strength metal, sintered products, friction materials, fibers and thin wires, adhesives, foam materials, tapes, elastomers, connectors, biomaterials, wood products and paper products, metal foil, wire, oil bearing, ceramics, parts, fasteners, composite materials, etc, Jointly create a new and brilliant tomorrow

about Jabra Jabra Jabra Jabra is a brand of gnnetcom, and its subsidiary GN store Nord a/s (GN) has been listed on NASDAQ OMX. Jebel Lang has 950 employees worldwide. In 2014, Jebel Lang recorded an annual revenue of DKK 2.871 billion. Jebel Lang is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of communication and audio solutions. Jabeland is famous for innovation, reliability and ease of use. For more than 20 years, jabeland's consumer and enterprise business departments have been committed to the production of wired and wireless headphones, mobile and office handsfree, which facilitate personal and enterprise user business by improving mobile flexibility, comfort and functionality

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