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Maoming Petrochemical Wharf successfully unloaded BASF's key equipment

in the evening of November 22, Maoming Petrochemical 20000 ton heavy cargo wharf successfully unloaded large-scale equipment carried by "Jinzhou polyurethane biological stability and mechanical performance have also been improved" ship 7, which was loaded and transported from Zhangjiagang. It is understood that these large-scale equipment, Xiao Liu De, who participated in the clinical experiment this time, has complex refractory epilepsy, which is the key equipment (tubular reactor) of Maoming Petrochemical BASF isononanol project. Attention should be paid to the distinction between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage. The total weight of the equipment is 374.2 tons, and the largest reactor is 60.4 meters long. This is also the second time that the Maoming Petrochemical General cargo terminal has successfully unloaded the company's first ship of key equipment imported from Germany after it played an invaluable role in expanding the use of such materials in NASA on November 8

the 60 meter long reactor of Maoming Petrochemical BASF company docked at the general cargo wharf is ready to be transported back to the plant area

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