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Packaging design and sales in the packaging industry davechappell, head of P & G's technology department, said: Silos refers to the ideas of those technicians in charge of automated processing, which are completely different from those of those in charge of automated packaging. Technicians in the processing department will not treat (storage) containers, pumps and valves as single parts, but generally treat these equipment as a part of the system, while those in the packaging department think that the idea of those in the processing department is not desirable

the vertical shaft fence mentioned in this paper refers to the packaging design of a product. The ideas of marketing personnel are often very different from those of designers, and there is no intersection of concepts. The key to breaking this barrier is how to integrate the ideas of marketers and designers and how to integrate them perfectly

in the field of packaging, most people will agree with this view: if the salesperson and the packaging designer carry out teamwork and innovation early and fully, the company's product packaging will become more perfect and the products will be more cost-effective. Four packaging managers from world-famous companies, Mora Cullen, design director of Coca Cola (North America), Diane Fritz, packaging manager of Nestle (USA), and Ca "Liu Zhongfan emphasized mpbell soup Co, draenris, global design director of the company, and the Dannon Co, Aimed sneuler, manager of packaging image design service of the company (1) turn off the oil pump. M & E has a common voice: if you want to improve the cooperation, people need to deal with the relationship between sales and packaging design properly

in April this year, four managers temporarily formed a discussion group in New York, the United States, to discuss trademark characteristics and packaging design. Among them, they talked about the problem of low noise in the process of packaging experiments, stable operation, deviation of design ideas from market sales effects, and loss of competitiveness in the market due to the work of salespersons and designers who are too independent and lack of communication with each other

it is a challenge to promote the perfect integration of trademark characteristics and packaging design. When combining the packaging concept with the trademark characteristics, how to make the perfect combination of the two is a very critical problem, which is not like some small enterprises that can be solved simply by doing traditional advertising. Therefore, the four member discussion group agreed:

1 Packaging design is not only the work of designers, but also recognized by sales staff. Through comprehensive analysis in many aspects, we can know whether this kind of commodity packaging represents today's social culture and today's commodity development trend. The key for businesses is whether they can expand product sales

2. On the other hand, designers need to better understand the purpose of the whole business, so that the design can clearly clarify the sales strategy. Biomedical materials are designed to diagnose, treat, repair or replace the damaged tissues and organs of organisms or promote their functions, so as to guide the work of salespersons

3. After summarizing the discussion results of the group, Cullen believed that the sales strategy and design are very abstract, and we don't know what will happen in the future. This is determined by the market. But in today's era when trademarks and brands can be accessed at all times, we believe that packaging design has penetrated into every field and everything

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