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2005 wine packaging design features

the future competition in the wine industry will gradually shift to a deep shuffle, entering a battle of quality, brand and packaging. According to the analysis of industry experts, the development characteristics of wine packaging in 2005 are as follows

1. environmental protection of materials, innovation and acceleration of wine packaging the biggest improvement will be the extensive development and use of environmentally friendly packaging materials, and consciously continue to strengthen the company's R & D capacity to reduce material costs, which is mainly due to the gradual realization by many enterprises that high-end packaging is not equal to the simple accumulation of high-end materials. In addition, the process of glass and ceramic containers has been gradually simplified. Zeon chemicals, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, announced on February 12, 2013 that the art has been enhanced. The practicability and environmental protection of the outer packaging and lining materials are enhanced, the outer packaging materials are transformed into non laminating materials, and the lining materials are transformed into environmental protection "eggshell" and corrugated paper

2. accelerate the integration of elements. In 2005, China's wine packaging will draw more and more excellent materials from various outside resources such as history, humanities, regions and folk customs for integration. In addition, with the secondary creation of delicacy for some existing excellent elements of wine packaging, more forms and contents will be "mutated"

3. Restore the true color of culture. Culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of every consumer, which can cause strong resonance with consumers and promote sales. French wine, Russian Vodka, German beer and Japanese sake have all represented the culture of a country and nation, and have become a symbolic carrier of culture, which is inseparable from its unique cultural connotation of wine packaging. In China, Hunan drunkard and Jinshi took the lead in introducing cultural marketing at the end of the last century, which set off a boom in the industry. Unfortunately, many enterprises have stepped into DuPont's experience later, which is to make a history, make up a story, and simply reflect on the misunderstanding of deviating from cultural marketing, such as packaging. Some insiders believe that cultural marketing is one of the trends of alcohol marketing, but it is difficult to truly understand and reflect it in packaging. China has a long history and profound culture. If it is displayed together with wine culture and enterprise culture through packaging, marketing will get twice the result with half the effort. Now, enterprises and designers have realized the significance of culture in wine packaging, and cultural characteristics will be more prominent in the future

4. strive to be simple and sprint. A visually good package is a silent "promoter", that is, in half a second of consumer product contact, it will attract consumers and achieve the purpose of promotion. Therefore, in the competitive market, in order to facilitate the image dissemination, it is bound to require the use of simple packaging design to achieve the visual effect of sprinting consumers

5. Explore interesting viewing highlights. The viewing highlights of wine packaging can make the product colorful in the plain and increase its interest in the ordinary. The so-called "draw a dragon and brighten it". Interesting viewing highlights must conform to the connotation of products and culture, and meet the appreciation taste of consumers who press the reset key, so as to add color to the whole package and attract the attention of consumers

source: Brewing Technology

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