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Packaging design and development of tinplate

with the continuous enrichment of various CC materials, Dr materials and chromium plated iron of tinplate, the development of packaging products and technology has been promoted, and metal packaging is full of innovation everywhere

from the specific products and technical information displayed at the world metal packaging conference and metalpack and Interpack exhibitions, metal packaging is facing an unprecedented technological revolution and innovation wave. Its focus and more elegant development focus are reflected in the following three points

1 the all-round application of computer digital technology in the detection and control of iron printing and can making has unprecedentedly improved the production efficiency

2 focus on enhancing the visual impact and convenience of packaging shelves, comprehensively improve the product grade and resist the challenges of paper and plastic packaging

3 focusing on reducing resource consumption and product recycling, it has derived a series of innovations and developments in material technology, printing technology, welding can making technology, cover opening methods and technology. The specific manifestations and trends are as follows

(1) strengthen the promotion function. It is expected that sales packaging will be the mainstream in the future.

oriented by the needs of brand customers and aimed at promoting sales, packaging will develop in the direction of protection, functionality, decoration and convenience. For example, focusing on improving the visual impact of shelves, the production of standard cans has developed from a relatively single and centralized production to the production of more diverse shaped cans at the same time; From the original ordinary manufacturing to refined, lean and fashionable manufacturing, it is more suitable for the rapid changes of the packaging market, the requirements of urbanization development and packaging promotion

(2) develop functional packaging and convenience packaging

further tap the unique materials and versatility of tinplate, advocate reduced design, cost-effective design and portable, convenient design that conforms to ergonomics, and spare no effort to expand the application of metal packaging in various fields. The product categories and packaging camp are more abundant, and the application fields have been newly expanded

for example, people feel more comfortable and humanized when holding hands, which is more suitable for women's packaging structure design. The Bosch can, which won the first prize of the gift box category of the 2005 world metal packaging award, has a curved streamline design, which is a model of metal packaging design that completely matches high-end tools

(3) green environmental protection

packaging manufacturing has always faced great resource pressure. Researchers have tested the metal coated and uncoated samples of the material reinforced with carbon fiber, and the environmental pressure packaging materials are developing towards lightweight, material saving and resource consumption reduction

follow the packaging development idea of combining the construction of recycling system, recycling and utilization with reducing resource consumption, so that the tinplate packaging can meet the promotion needs at the same time, Constantly coordinate with the utilization of environmental resources and the reduction of resource consumption (4R ~ 1D, i.e. reduce packaging reduction. Reuse packaging reuse, recycle packaging recycling recovery to obtain new value, degradable packaging material degradation and corruption, and packaging life cycle assessment LCA - in accordance with the requirements of reducing environmental pollution and saving natural resources), actively develop new design concepts of green packaging, so that tinplate packaging is more prominent and fashionable in visual effect More personalized while minimizing resource consumption

for example, the thickness of the new aerosol tank formed by laser welding of coated iron is only 0.1 4mm, which is lighter and more material-saving, and the pressure resistance has increased from 12 ~ 18 bar to 34 bar, with a promising development prospect

the way of opening the lid of tinplate cans has also developed from the original need to open the lid with the help of tools to cans, and then to today's paste and tear the lid to lightweight and convenient packaging

(4) pay more attention to regional market differences and cater to local consumers

in the field of beverage packaging, Japanese prefer repeatedly opened coffee bottles, while people in Europe and North America prefer cylindrical cans; In some coastal cities, wavy shaped shaped drink cans are more popular

(5) update the packaging design concept and establish a design evaluation framework with two different dimensions of shelf effect and convenience

from the winning works of the highest reputation Award for metal packaging in four categories (namely, beverage, food, gift box and general standard) selected and published by the fourth world metal packaging conference, it also further verifies the above-mentioned development trend

the world metal packaging award was hosted by four organizations, including the international iron and Steel Association, the international packaging and printing organization, the pan European brand design association, and the European can making Association. The winning works in 2005 are as follows

the first prize in beverage category is a coffee bottle that can be opened repeatedly. The second prize is Nestle 200ml cylindrical can with vertical stripes. The third prize is UCC black coffee can with relief

the first prize of food

is a combined tea set gift box, the second prize is a paste type easy to tear pet can, and the third prize is a fresh-keeping can with a dot safety buckle on the top

the first prize in the gift box category is a streamlined Bosch tool gift box. The second prize is a chocolate candy gift box with obvious concave convex relief and combined with decorative colors. The third prize is an iron plastic composite rectangular CD box

the first prize of the daily chemical general category is the washing powder packaging can with windows and can be easily opened repeatedly. The second prize is the windowed paint can; the third prize is the chemical product packaging can with flared design metal materials to prevent flow under dynamic load

with the continuous enrichment of various CC materials, Dr materials and chromium plated iron in tinplate, the development of packaging products and technology has been promoted, and metal packaging is full of innovation everywhere. Find problems and start improving design; Meet the requirements of market brand recognition. Innovate and develop personalized packaging; Excavate the true meaning of packaging from the concept of green product packaging and value appeal; Starting from the visual needs of packaging, the limited space of packaging is sublimated to infinite artistic interest and charm. Each item brings us surprise, response, enlightenment and good market effect. The life of packaging lies in innovation. Only by continuously developing the innovative force of "doubt, innovation, creativity and art creation" can we trigger structural innovation, content innovation, process and expression innovation. Packaging equipment and materials and means of realization innovation and make it a trend of metal packaging progress and prosperity

Author: Hu Jian of COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou

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