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The packaging creativity contained in luxury

the fourth Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, after one year of careful preparation by the organizers, was grandly unveiled at the Shanghai International Convention Center on March 29, 2011. As a leading high-end packaging luxury exhibition in Asia and even the world, Shanghai luxury packaging exhibition attracted a large number of top packaging enterprises from all over the world to participate enthusiastically, showing its extraordinary international impression and appeal. Exhibitors include mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States, the United States, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and other countries and regions. Among them, European and American enterprises account for 29%, Chinese manufacturers account for 43%, and 28% are manufacturers in other countries or regions in Asia

Beijing packaging company is not only like this, the enthusiastic participation of world-class exhibitors has also attracted luxury professional visitors from Asian countries, Europe, the United States and even the Middle East. Related industries involve cosmetics/perfume, jewelry/watches, alcohol, high-end food health care,

clothing, household goods, craft gifts, stationery and many other directions

this exhibition also launched the luxury packaging creative forum for the first time, which is a world-renowned platform to display the latest and highest creativity in the packaging industry. Taking Regel's experimental machine as an example, the forum has also received the active support and high recognition of many insiders, including exhibitors and professional visitors. Tea packaging box Beijing

. After the strict review of the organizer, 22 exhibitors pursuing innovation finally participated in the forum, and 28 creative products rich in technological innovation and the pursuit of sustainable development were presented to the audience one by one

red wine packaging box in the creative Gallery area, English precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. has brought its leak proof switch perfume nozzle with patent certificates from the United States, France, Germany, Japan

, China and other countries around the world; Raison pure design group from France showed its secondary packaging with originality and dual functions designed for centaure de Diamant, a cognac with the best shape and scale for people; The design of perfume bottle evening dress co created by Si Lin and Swarovski crystal has attracted the attention of the public.

it is mainly used for metal and non-metal stretching, tightening, twists and turns and other experiments. In the green revolution zone, enterprises showed the environmental protection advantages of vacuum packaging to participants through vacuum filling and packaging cases; The watch box of Beijing

packing box factory shows its UV spray paint that has been successfully developed for two years and can reduce air pollution by 50% and formaldehyde emission by 0

this forum is really a hundred flowers bloom, and the most creative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions in the industry have been successfully displayed. Participants shared the valuable latest international packaging concepts

in addition, nine professional lectures and an exclusive seminar ran through the two-day exhibition site. Authoritative people in the Chinese and foreign industries held the theme of the

market in China, and the conference also shared relevant information with the participants. From the perspective of professionals, this paper analyzes the laws and regulations related to the registration of cosmetics in China, makes an on-site discussion on the theme of how Chinese traditional culture affects and creates luxury packaging, and makes an in-depth analysis on the hot topic of

over gift packaging box in Beijing. Other topics also include the key to producing the best packaging

, the modern interpretation of Chinese traditional culture - the development and impact of packaging on enterprise brand, the successful cases of luxury brands on the consumption line in Chinese Mainland

, the multifaceted market in Chinese Mainland, the innovation and new applications of packaging industry, etc

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